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Change the Number of Undo Levels in Access (All Windows)
This setting allows you to modify the maximum number of commands and operations that can be reversed using the Undo function in Microsoft Access 2002.

Optimize Find Fast Index Updates (All Windows)
Microsoft Office includes a Find Fast Indexer to increase file searching speed. On large drives performance may be impacted when creating or updating an index. This setting is used to delay indexing for a specified amount of time between index updates and therefore minimize system activity and increase performance.

Block Linked Images in Office XP Documents (All Windows)
As an added security measure you can configure Office XP to block linked Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) images that are placed in documents. This is useful to avoid to ability for documents to be tracked using hidden images.

Customize Microsoft Access Identification (All Windows)
These settings allow you to change the title, icon, startup screen and help file of Microsoft Access. This is particularly useful if distributing an application and you want to modify Access to look like your product.

Disable Password Caching in Office 2000 (All Windows)
Office 2000 normally attempts to cache user authentication information when establishing connections with external data sources. Because the password is saved into a text file, this creates a potential security problem.

Hide the Office XP Toolbar Help (All Windows)
These settings can be used to hide the toolbar help feature in Office XP applications. Shown in the top right corner it normally allows users to "Type a question for help".

Control Error Reporting with Office XP (All Windows)
Office XP includes a feature which will send debug information to Microsoft if an error occurs in one of the Office XP applications. This can be disabled using this tweak.

Remove Items from Office Places Bar (All Windows)
This tweak is used to remove items from the Places Bar in the Office 2000/XP Open and Save As dialog boxes.

Add Custom Places to the Office Dialog Box (All Windows)
This tweak can be used to add your own custom Places to the Office 2000 and Office XP "Open" and "Save As" dialog boxes.

Hide the Office Clipboard Toolbar (All Windows)
When you copy multiple items in any of the Microsoft Office programs, the Office Clipboard appears, allowing you to collect and paste multiple items stored in the toolbar. This tweak allows you to prevent the toolbar from automatically appearing.

Disable Office 2000 Tune Up (All Windows)
This setting is used to disable the automatic Office 2000 tune up feature.

Disable Document Editing Time Tracking (All Windows)
Whenever you open a Office document the time open is tracked and added to the total "Edit Time". This tweak disables that tracking.

Configure Office to Use the Standard System Font (All Windows)
This setting allows you to configure Microsoft Office to use the standard system font for the user interface instead of the default Office font.

Change the Number of Undo Levels in Microsoft Excel (All Windows)
This tweak lets you modify the amount of undo history information that Excel will track. Increasing this value allows you to undo more than the default number of changes.

Control the Office Assistants (All Windows)
These settings control the features and behavior of the Assistants in Office 97, 2000 and XP.

Enable Four Digit Year in Microsoft Excel 2000 (All Windows)
When Excel formats a date, it uses one of several default formats, the most common is the system short date (yy). Therefore when a user types a 4-digit year (yyyy) date in Excel, it may be displayed in a 2-digit year (yy) format. This tweak changes to default the 4-digit format.

Use Personalized Menus in Microsoft Office 2000 (All Windows)
Microsoft Office 2000 introduced personalized menus (or adaptive menus) that remembers which items you use regularly and hides items you don't. This tweak allows you to enable or control this functionality.

Change the Registered Owner in Microsoft Office (All Windows) Popular
With previous versions of Microsoft Office it was necessary to re-install Office to change the registered company as shown on the splash screen and in the About dialog box. With Office 2000 and XP it can be changed in the registry.

Disable the Office Assistants (All Windows)
Are you annoyed by those office assistants always popping-up when you least expect it? This tweak will let you remove them for good!