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Change Windows Update Text in Internet Explorer (All Windows)
This tweak allows you to rename or remove the "Windows Update" menu item by entering a custom text value.

Show "Shortcut to" Label on Internet Explorer Links (All Windows)
By default when you hover the mouse over a link in Internet Explorer it will display "Shortcut to filename.htm" in the status bar. This tweak controls that behaviour so that the full URL can be shown instead.

Lock the Internet Explorer Toolbars (All Windows)
This setting allows you to lock the Internet Explorer toolbars in place so they can not be moved by clicking-and-dragging.

Disable the Internet Explorer Splash Screen (All Windows)
When this setting is enabled the splash screen will not be shown when Internet Explorer is started.

Sort Start Menu and Favorites in Alphabetical Order (All Windows) Popular
This tweak allows you to alphabetically sort the Start Menu and Favorites Menu.

Automatically Resize Images in Internet Explorer (All Windows)
This setting controls whether Internet Explorer attempts to automatically resize an image to fit within the window.

Use Smooth Scrolling in Internet Explorer (All Windows)
This setting controls whether the smooth scrolling function is used in Internet Explorer to increase the readability while navigating a page.

Show Expanded Add to Favorites Dialog Box (All Windows)
This setting controls whether an expanded or smaller dialog box is shown when a site is added to the Internet Explorer favorites.

Remove Selected Internet Explorer Toolbar Buttons (All Windows) Popular
These settings allow you to hide and disable specific buttons on the Internet Explorer toolbar.

Disable the Go Button in Internet Explorer (All Windows)
This setting is used to remove the "Go" button from the Internet Explorer toolbar.

Display a Background Bitmap on Explorer Toolbars (All Windows) Popular
This tweak allows you to choose a a bitmap image to display as the background for the explorer toolbars.

Disable Expanding Internet Explorer New Menu (All Windows)
Usually when you click on the New menu in Internet Explorer it is expanded to include options like New Window, Message, Post and Internet Call. Using this tweak will stop the menu expanding and therefore only display the "New Window" option.

Show Friendly HTTP Error Messages (All Windows)
By default Internet Explorer will show a friendly version of any HTTP errors it receives, for example Error 404 Page Moved. This tweak controls that functionality allowing it to be enabled or disabled.

Use Personalized Favorites Menu (All Windows)
Internet Explorer has a feature that automatically hides site that are rarely visited from the Favorites menu. This setting allows you to enable or disable the personalized menu feature.

Reset Internet Explorer Window Location (All Windows) Popular
Sometimes Internet Explorer may have problems with the location of the explorer window, possibly placing the window off the screen or only allowing you to minimize or maximize the window. This tweak should reset Internet Explorer to the default position.

Change the Internet Explorer & Outlook Express Toolbar Logo (All Windows) Popular
When you browse the Internet using Internet Explorer or read messages using Outlook Express, a logo is displayed indicating whether activity is taking place. With this tweak you can modify which logo is shown, customize it or reset it to the default.

Add a Background Bitmap to the Internet Explorer Toolbar (All Windows) Popular
Want to have you own bitmap shown on the Internet Explorer toolbar? It's simple with this registry setting.

Change the Internet Explorer Window Title (All Windows) Popular
This setting allows you to customize Internet Explorer by using your own window title. For example you could rename IE to 'My Browser' or anything else you like!