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Change the Default Mail Client (All Windows)
The setting allows you to change which program is opened and used to send an e-mail messages when you click on a "mailto:" link in a web page.

Clear Download Accelerator History (All Windows)
Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) is a tool used to retrieve files from Internet servers. It stores a history of the files downloaded and URLs visited. To increase privacy and security this tweak allows you to clear the history.

Disable the Splash Screen on Adaptec DirectCD ()
The setting allows you to disable the splash screen shown when launching Adaptec DirectCD.

Change the Maximum Number of AOL Buddies (All Windows)
This tweak allows you to increase (or decrease) the maximum number of AOL buddies allowed from the default of 160 on AOL Instant Messenger.

Disable ICQ Auto Update (All Windows)
When ICQ 2000 starts it checks whether a new update is available, depending on your network connection this may increase the time it takes to load. This setting lets you disable that check function.

Disable the Norton AntiVirus Splash Screen (All Windows)
This setting will stop the Norton AntiVirus Scanner startup logo from being shown.

Configure Symantec Live Update to Use Passive FTP (All Windows) Popular
Norton LiveUpdate 1.3 and higher defaults to using active FTP. This tweak allows you to configure it to use passive FTP instead.

Disable the Norton Utilities Splash Screen (All Windows)
This setting will disable the Norton Utilities splash screen from being shown whenever the applications are run.

Control Active Server Pages Browser Buffering (All Windows)
This setting controls whether Active Server Pages (ASP) buffers output to a browser. If this setting is enabled then all output is collected before any is sent to the browser. This fixes some problems with incomplete and random data being sent to a browser using Internet Information Server (IIS).

Change the ICQ Email Tagline (All Windows)
Newer versions of ICQ come with a handy email client. Unfortunately they add "Download ICQ at ..." to the end of every outgoing message. You can remove or change this in the registry to whatever you like.

Change the Default Name and Company Information (All Windows) Popular
When you install a new application, using MS Setup, a default Name and Company are shown, these values can be changed when the details have changed or are incorrect.