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Block Messenger Service SPAM (Windows NT/2000/XP) Popular
The Messenger service is normally used to transmit net send and Alerter service messages between clients and servers. Recently it has been employed by marketers for sending unsolicited advertising popups (SPAM) over the Internet. This tweak allows you to disable this service.

Reset Microsoft Word Settings and Recent Files (All Windows)
This setting can be used to reset the Word parameters back to the default if you are experiencing problems. For example if you start Word and one of your toolbars or menu bars is missing, or if your personalized settings are not retained.

Clear Download Accelerator History (All Windows)
Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) is a tool used to retrieve files from Internet servers. It stores a history of the files downloaded and URLs visited. To increase privacy and security this tweak allows you to clear the history.

Clear Explorer and Accessories Recent File Lists (All Windows)
This tweak allows you to clear the recent file lists that are recorded by Windows Explorer and other accessories. Windows will begin tracking the files again once the lists have been emptied.

Disable Recent Files in Media Player (All Windows) Popular
This restriction will stop Windows Media Player from storing the names of the played media in the recent file list.

Delete Cached Web Pages and Images (All Windows)
This tweak will delete all the temporary Internet files and images that have been cached one your hard drive while visiting web sites.

Empty Temporary Internet Files on Exit (All Windows) Popular
This setting controls whether Internet Explorer should delete all of the temporary Internet files stored during the session when the browser is closed.

Clear the Recent Play List in Media Player (All Windows) Popular
This tweak allows you to clear the recent files, URL history and radio stations in Windows Media Player.

Clear the Netmeeting Call History (All Windows)
This tweak allows you to clear the stored call history in the Netmeeting drop down list.

Clear the Internet Explorer Typed Address History (All Windows) Popular
Internet Explorer caches any URLs that are typed into the address bar. This may become a privacy issue on a shared computer, or a nuisance if there is a particular URL you want to remove without clearing the whole history.

Disable User Tracking (Windows 2000/XP) Popular
This setting stops Windows from recording user tracking information including which applications a user runs and which files and documents are being accessed.

Clear the Page File at System Shutdown (Windows NT/2000/XP) Popular
Windows does not normally clear or recreate the page file. On a heavily used system this can be both a security threat and performance drop. Enabling this setting will cause Windows to clear the page file whenever the system is shutdown.

Clear the Cached Run Commands (All Windows) Popular
Do you have a lot of items in the run command history on Start Menu? This tweak will allow you to clear the most-recently-used (MRU) list.