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Force Logoff on the Start Menu (Windows 2000/XP)
This setting forces the Logoff button to appear on the Start menu and prevents users from removing or hiding it.

Remove My Network Places from the Start Menu (Windows XP)
This restriction hides the My Network Places button on the Windows XP simple Start menu.

Remove Tray Items from Taskbar (Windows XP) Popular
This setting removes and restricts access to the tray icons normally found next to the clock on the taskbar.

Remove the Toolbars on the Taskbar (Windows XP)
This restriction is used to remove all the toolbars, including Quick Launch, from the taskbar. It also restricts the ability to re-enable them.

Lock the Taskbar (Windows XP)
This restriction is used to force the locking of the taskbar and restrict users from making any changes to its position.

Restrict the Start Menu Log Off Option (Windows 2000/Me/XP)
This restriction removes the ability for a user to enable the "Log Off..." option on the Start Menu.

Force the Use of the Classic Start Menu (Windows XP)
This restriction forces users to use the classic Windows start menu, instead of the new format introduced with Windows XP.

Hide the Taskbar Clock (Windows XP)
This setting allows you to remove the clock from the system tray on the taskbar.

Disable Menu Bars and the Start Button (Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP) Popular
This tweak can be used to disable the menu bar in standard Windows applications and the Start Button.

Remove the Windows Security on Start Menu (Windows Terminal Server)
This setting is used to hide the Windows NT Security menu item on the Start Menu of a terminal server session. These settings are compatible with Windows Server 2003.

Remove the Ability to Right Click on the Start Button (All Windows) Popular
Usually when a user right clicks on the start button they are able to select Open, Explore or Find. Use this tweak to remove these options and secure your desktop.

Remove the Help Option from the Start Menu (Windows 2000/Me/XP) Popular
This restriction removes the Help option from the Start Menu.

Hide or Display Administrative Tools Menu (Windows 2000/XP) Popular
As with Windows NT, Windows 2000 has an 'Administrative Tools' folder on the Start Menu. This folder contains powerful administration utilities and therefore can be hidden to avoid accidental use.

Disable Drag-and-Drop on the Start Menu (Windows 98/Me/2000/XP) Popular
This restriction prevents users from modifying the Start menu by dragging and dropping items.

Remove Search from the Start Menu (All Windows) Popular
This restriction removes the Search feature from the Start Menu.

Remove Run from the Start Menu (All Windows) Popular
Removes the ability to launch commands or processes from the Start menu by removing the Run option.

Hide Control Panel, Printer and Network Settings (All Windows) Popular
This restriction removes the Control Panel, Printers and Network Connection settings from the Start menu. If the Taskbar settings are also hidden it causes the Settings menu to be completely removed.

Hide the Taskbar Settings on the Start Menu (All Windows) Popular
This restriction removes the Taskbar and Start Menu item from the Control Panel, and it also removes the Properties item from the Start menu context menu.

Remove Common Program Groups from Start Menu (All Windows) Popular
Disables the display of common groups when the user selects Programs from the Start menu.