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Restrict the Screen Saver (Windows 2000/XP) Popular
This restriction can be used to specify the screen saver or to stop screen savers from running. Also, the Screen Saver settings page is disabled, so users cannot change the screen saver options.

Screen Saver Password Protection Policy (Windows 2000/XP) Popular
This restriction determines whether the screen saver is password protected and prevents users from changing the password-protection setting.

Enforce Shell Extension Security (All Windows)
This restriction can be used to limit the system to only run files that have an approved shell extension.

Secure Desktop Restriction (Windows 2000/XP)
This restriction is used to stop interactive users from snooping on other user sessions by exploiting a Windows vulnerability. This feature is enabled by default but may interfere with some software applications.

Specify the Background Image and Wallpaper Style (Windows 2000/Me/XP) Popular
These settings allow you to specify the background wallpaper and display style. When this setting is defined users can not choose an alternative background image.

Remove the Distributed File System Tab (Windows 2000/XP)
This restriction removes the Distributed File System (DFS) tab from Windows explorer. This prevents users from viewing or changing the properties of local DFS shares.

Remove the Security Tab (Windows XP)
This restriction removes the Security tab from Windows explorer which prevents users from accessing or changing the security permissions of folder and file objects.

Remove the Hardware Tab (Windows 2000/XP)
This restriction removes the hardware tab from applicable items in the Control Panel and from the local drive properties. This prevents users from changing the hardware device properties.

Enable Advanced File System and Sharing Security (Windows XP Professional) Popular
This setting is used to enable the ability to control advanced NTFS permissions on local and shared files.

Remove Properties from My Computer (Windows XP)
This restriction remove the properties option from My Computer and hides the "System Properties" screen.

Disable the New Menu Item (All Windows)
This tweak can be used to disable the ability to use the New menu item to create new objects using explorer.

Remove the Ability to Modify File Types (Windows 2000/XP)
This setting allows you to remove the ability to change, add or delete file types using explorer the Folder Options interface.

Disable the Ability to Customize Toolbars (All Windows) Popular
By right clicking on a toolbar you are usually given the option to Customize, which allows you to change which functions are available from the toolbar. This tweak allows you to disable that function.

Remove the Option to Change or Hide Toolbars (All Windows) Popular
By default users are able to select which toolbars are displayed either be right clicking the toolbar itself, or by changing the options from the View menu. This tweak locks the toolbars, removing the ability to change which are displayed.

Disable Folder Options Menu (All Windows) Popular
This tweak allows you to hide the Folder Options function from the folder Tools menu. Allowing you to restrict access to numerous advanced folder features.

Hide All Items on the Desktop (All Windows) Popular
Enabling this options hides all the items and programs on the Windows desktop.

Hide the Network Neighborhood Icon (All Windows) Popular
The Network Neighborhood icon is shown on the Windows desktop whenever Windows networking is installed, by enabling this setting the icon will be hidden.

Remove File Menu from Explorer (All Windows)
This setting is used to Remove the File option from the Explorers toolbar.

Disable the Ability to Right Click on the Desktop (All Windows) Popular
This tweak removes the context menu that would normally appear when the user right clicks on the desktop or in the Explorer right results pane.