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Receive Notification of Missed Tasks (All Windows)
By default when you are using Task Scheduler to automatically run programs you will not receive notification if a task is not run. This tweak can be used to cause Windows to show a pop-up message with the option to re-run any missed tasks.

Change the Scheduler Log File Settings (All Windows)
These settings specify where the Scheduling Agent (Task Scheduler) should write the log file and the maximum log file size (in KB).

Disable Manual Task Control (Windows 2000/Me/XP)
This restriction disables the ability for users to manually start and stop scheduled tasks. Tasks will continue to run automatically as configured.

Disable Drag and Drop Task Scheduling (Windows 2000/Me/XP)
This restriction disables the ability to drag and drop programs into the Scheduled Tasks folder. This also disables the functionality of the Cut, Copy and Paste shortcut items.

Disable Changes to Task Run Command (Windows 2000/Me/XP)
This setting restricts changes to the run command and disables the Browse button in the Task Scheduler properties.

Remove Advanced Option from Task Scheduler Wizard (Windows 2000/Me/XP)
This setting removes the "Open advanced properties for this task when I click Finish" checkbox from the task creation wizard. This should be enabled to simplify the process for novice users.

Disable Changes to Task Properties (Windows 2000/Me/XP)
This setting restricts users from changing the properties of an existing item in Task Scheduler.

Restrict Task Creation and Deletion (Windows 2000/Me/XP)
These settings allow you to restrict the creation and deletion of items in Task Scheduler.

Disable Task Scheduler (Windows 95/98/Me) Popular
Task Scheduler is automatically installed in some versions of Windows, and also when you install Internet Explorer. This tweak will remove it from your system.