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Configure Notepad to use Word Wrap (All Windows)
This setting controls whether text is wrapped onto the next line when the screen in full in Notepad. Although it can be configured by using the Edit menu in Notepad, this tweak allows you to change the word-wrap feature through the registry.

Allow Uninstall of Windows Components (Windows XP) Popular
Windows includes a number of system components that are normally not available on the Add/Remove Windows Components list. This tweak allows you to display these items and therefore have the option to uninstall.

Enable the Scheduled Tasks Icon (Windows Me)
This tweak allows you to configure your computer so that the Scheduled Tasks icon is displayed on the taskbar in Windows Millennium Edition (Me).

Disable the Windows XP Tour (Windows XP)
After installing Windows XP you are prompted to run the Tour the first three times you log into the system. This tweak can be used to suppress the balloon prompts.

Save Changes to Notepad Configuration (All Windows)
The Notepad text editor included with Windows lets you configure the page setup including headers, footers and margins. These options are not normally saved between sessions but with this tweak Notepad can be made to save any changes.

Show Detailed Information in Device Manager (Windows 2000/XP) Popular
If you require additional information about a device that is not typically displayed in Device Manager, you can use this tweak to make Device Manager show detailed device information.

Show All Hidden Devices in Device Manager (Windows 2000/XP) Popular
Devices that are installed but are not currently connected to the computer (such as a Universal Serial Bus (USB) device or "ghosted" devices) are not normally displayed in Device Manager. This tweak causes all devices to be shown.

Specify the Program to Play Inserted Audio CDs (All Windows)
This value is used to specify which program should be used to play an audio CD when it is inserted and the autostart feature is enabled.

Use Smooth Scrolling in Telnet (All Windows)
This tweak enables the smooth scrolling function in Windows Telnet.

Disable Task Manager (Windows NT/2000/XP) Popular
This setting controls the ability for users to start Task Manager and view processes, running applications and make changes to the priority or state of the individual processes.

Add the QuickView Option to All Files (All Windows) Popular
If you ever wanted to add QuickView to the context menu of all file types, it may be a tedious task doing so using Windows Explorer's Options - File Type window. This tip shows how to do it in a couple of easy steps.

Easily Use Notepad to Open a File (All Windows) Popular
Enabling this setting will allow you to use Notepad to open a file by simply right clicking on the icon. Also the Notepad will be used to open the files by default if no association already exists.