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Disable Web Content in Explorer and Desktop (Windows XP)
This tweak can be used to disable the web content and tasks in Explorer, it will also remove the "Desktop" item from Display Properties.

Choose the First Desktop Icon (Windows 2000/Me/XP)
This tweak allows you to choose the icon that you want to appear first on the desktop either My Documents or My Computer.

Change the Screen Saver Grace Period (Windows NT/2000/XP)
This setting determines when password protection of a screen saver becomes effective. By default, a brief period elapses within which the user can use the mouse or the keyboard to stop the screen saver without entering the password.

Remove My Computer from the Desktop and Start Menu (Windows 2000/Me/XP) Popular
This restriction removes My Computer from the desktop and Start menu.

Disable Desktop Cleanup Wizard (Windows XP) Popular
By default Windows will run the Desktop Cleanup Wizard every 60 days to remove unused desktop items and shortcuts. This setting will disable it from running automatically.

Remove My Documents from the Desktop (All Windows) Popular
This setting is used to remove the My Documents folder from the Windows desktop.

Show Pop-up Descriptions for Explorer and Desktop Items (All Windows)
This setting controls whether pop-up tool tip information and descriptions are shown when the mouse is hovered over desktop and explorer items.

Force Windows to Use the Classic Desktop (Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000) Popular
This tweak disables the various enhanced features of the Windows shell which are included in newer releases of Windows and Internet Explorer. It will remove features including Active Desktop, Web view, thumbnail views and the quick launch toolbar.

Launch Windows Desktop in a Separate Process (Windows 98/Me/2000/XP) Popular
By default Windows creates one multi-threaded Explorer process which contains the Desktop, Taskbar and all other explorer instances. If one of these instances fails, all instances will fail. When enabled, this setting causes Windows to create separate processes insulating them from other failures.

Create a Desktop Shortcut to Hotmail (All Windows) Popular
This tweak can be used to create a shortcut directly to your Hotmail e-mail account on your desktop.

Show Windows Version on Desktop (All Windows) Popular
Early versions of Windows showed the version number on the desktop, this feature was removed in the released version. This tweak can be used to enable the feature and allow you to quickly locate which version of Windows is running.

Change the Application Focus Settings (All Windows) Popular
When Windows applications require user input or focus, they will either pop-up over the existing window, or their icon will flash on the taskbar waiting for user action. This tweak controls that behavior.

Show User and Computer Name on Desktop (Windows NT/2000/XP) Popular
This tweak will rename "My Computer" to "Username on Computername" making it simple to determine which computer you are logged on to and which username you are logged on as.

Hide the Internet Explorer Icon (All Windows) Popular
This option hides the Internet Explorer icon from the Windows desktop.

Disable the Ability to Right Click on the Desktop (All Windows) Popular
This tweak removes the context menu that would normally appear when the user right clicks on the desktop or in the Explorer right results pane.

Add Custom Folder to My Computer or the Desktop (All Windows) Popular
Create your own custom system folder, like "My Documents", that can not be deleted or renamed and place it on the desktop and My Computer.

Rename or Delete Special Folders (All Windows) Popular
This setting allows you to rename and delete special folders (such as the Recycle Bin) as if it was a normal folder by right-clicking the icon.

Active Window Tracking (All Windows) Popular
This tweak allows you to bring running programs to the foreground just by moving you mouse of the application window. This is similar to the X-Mouse feature found on UNIX operating systems.

Change Desktop Icon Visibility (All Windows) Popular
This tweak allows you to control which icons are visible on your desktop. By modifying the desktop namespace you can add and remove special icons including My Computer, Inbox and Recycle Bin.