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Change the Transition Effect for Menus and Tooltips (Windows XP)
This value controls which type of transitional effect to use when displaying Menus and Tooltips, allowing you to choose either the fade effect or the scroll effect.

Remove the Minimize, Maximize and Close Tooltips (All Windows)
When you move your mouse over the three control boxes on a standard Window frame it will show tooltip text for each item. This tweak controls that function.

Automatic Window Refresh (Windows 95/98/Me) Popular
Normally when the contents of a window change you may need to wait a few seconds, or press F5, to refresh the display to see the updated information. This tweak configures the system to perform faster automatic updates.

Use Personalized Menus (Windows 2000/Me/XP) Popular
Windows 2000 included a new feature called Personalized Menus, which remembers which items you use regularly and hides less used items. This tweak allows you to enable or disable this functionality.

Change the Alignment of Drop-Down Menus (All Windows)
By default, Windows drop-down menus are aligned to the left, with this tweak you can change the default behavior to align the menus to the right instead.

Display the Contents of Moving Windows (All Windows) Popular
When enabled, this setting will cause Windows to display the current contents of a window while it is being dragged around the screen instead of just displaying the window outline.

Change the Menu Show Delay (All Windows) Popular
Windows normally delays menus before they are displayed. For regular users this delay can become annoying, with this setting you to change the delay time or remove it altogether.

Control the Windows Animation Function (All Windows) Popular
Although the animation function can make animated Windows look good, it can also slow down your PC if you have a slower graphics card. This setting allows you to control whether the function is enabled or disabled.