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Wrap Icon Titles (All Windows)
This setting controls whether the icon titles should be word wrapped over multiple lines or shown in one longer line.

Control the Font Smoothing Mode (Windows XP)
This setting controls what type of font smoothing is used. This allows you to select either Microsoft ClearType or the standard anti-aliased fonts.

Enable Font Smoothing (All Windows) Popular
This setting controls whether fonts are anti-aliased to appear smoother when displayed within Windows.

Change the Vertical Icon Spacing (Windows NT/2000)
This setting specifies the number of pixels that appear vertically between icons. Windows determines the default based on the icon title font and the display you are using.

Change the Recycle Bin Icons (All Windows) Popular
Would you like to make you Recycle Bin into something a bit more exciting? Maybe a glowing toxic waste bin? With this tweak you can change the icon to be whatever you like.

Change the Size of Desktop Icons (All Windows) Popular
Are your icons too small? Or too big? This setting will let you resize them to suit your desktop preference.

Display High Color Icons (All Windows) Popular
If you like a bit more quality and detail in your icons, then this setting allows you to change the number of colors used to display icons. Show your Windows icons in all their high resolution glory.

Automatically View Thumbnails of Bitmap Files (All Windows) Popular
Makes Explorer show a thumbnail version of bitmaps files in the current folder rather than the generic icon ordinarily used. This is a great way to preview .BMP files without having to open them first.