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Configure CoolSwitch Application Swapping (All Windows) Popular
CoolSwitch is a feature available within Windows to quickly switch between tasks and programs by using the Alt + TAB keys.

Use Windows Update Without Registration (Windows 98/Me/2000/XP) Popular
Windows Update is a useful feature but to ensure your privacy you may not want to register your personal details before being able to use it. With this tip you can bypass the registration process.

Add Your Own Tips (All Windows) Popular
Are you sick of seeing the same tips again and again when you first logon to Windows? Now you can change them to whatever you want, whether it's quotes, jokes or a to-do list, anything is possible.

Change the Location of System and Special Folders (All Windows) Popular
Windows keeps a number of special folders such as "My Documents", "Desktop", "Favorites" and the "Start Menu". These folders can be moved anywhere on you system and the new location updated in this key.

Creating Program Aliases in Windows (All Windows) Popular
A hidden feature in the Windows registry allows you to create program aliases. Allowing you to create, for example, an alias called JBLOGGS.EXE that when executed actually runs another program, e.g. NOTEPAD.EXE

Change the Location of Windows Installation Files (All Windows) Popular
Modifying the string will change the path that the Windows setup program will look for the installation files.

Change the Registered Owner and Organization (All Windows) Popular
If you entered the wrong registration information when you installed Windows you can change it and other miscellaneous settings such as ProductID and ProductName.