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Prompt If Logged Out (pcAnywhere) (All Windows)

This registry key allows you to specify how pcANYWHERE32 will handle a remote connection when the pcANYWHERE32 host is waiting at the Windows NT login screen and the "Prompt On Connection" and "Disconnect On Timeout" options have been checked.

Open your registry and find or create the key below.

Create a new DWORD value, or modify the existing value, called "PromptIfLoggedOut" and set it according to the value data below.

Exit your registry; you may need to restart or log out of Windows for the change to take effect.

Registry Settings
System Key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Symantec\pcANYWHERE\CurrentVersion\Host]
Value Name: PromptIfLoggedOut
Data Type: REG_DWORD (DWORD Value)
Value Data: (0 = User Will Connect, 1 = User Won't Connect)

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Disclaimer: Modifying the registry can cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall your operating system. We cannot guarantee that problems resulting from modifications to the registry can be solved. Use the information provided at your own risk.

Last modified: March 1, 1999