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Re-Initialize Your Registry Without Rebooting (All Windows) Popular

Some registry changes require you to restart Windows before they are enabled. This tip lets you re-initialize your registry and refresh your desktop without having to leave Windows.

Save your work before attempting this tip!

Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE, to bring up the Windows task list. Highlight 'Explorer' and click on 'End Task', if the Shutdown screen is shown, click 'Cancel'. After a few seconds an error message will popup, click on 'End Task' and the Windows explorer will be reloaded along with any new registry settings.

For Windows NT or 2000, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and select "Task Manager". Choose the "Processes" tab and locate the "explorer.exe" process, highlight it and click "End Process". Select 'File -> New Task', then enter 'explorer' and click OK.

Hint: For other ways to launch the task manager have a look at this article.

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Last modified: January 20, 2001