User Modes
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User modes are designed to cater to basic users as well as more advanced users of Firewall Plus.

There are two User Modes in Firewall Plus:

Selecting your User Mode

You may configure the User Mode in one of two ways:

1. During Installation, Firewall Plus will prompt you to select between Normal User and Expert User modes.

Select the User Mode of your choice and click Next.

2.  Click Settings in the left navigation menu and select the Preferences tab. Select the User Mode of your choice.

Switching between User Modes

While it is easy to switch between User Modes, note that switching from Expert User to Normal User mode may cause you to lose any customized rule that is not a normal user compliant rule. In such an event, Firewall Plus will present you with a pop-up that notifying you of the rule and let you continue or cancel your operation.

Normal User and Expert User Alerts

Alerts presented to the Normal User and the Expert User vary taking into account their different levels of expertise and knowledge.

While Alerts for a Normal User contain easy to understand information which aid the user in selecting the appropriate prompt action, Alerts in Expert User mode contain more detailed information and additional configuration options.

Example of pop-up notification presented to Normal User

Example of pop-up notification presented to Expert User

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