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When you open Firewall Plus, you are taken to the Main Status and Summary screen. You can access this screen from anywhere within Firewall Plus by clicking the Status button in the left navigation menu.

If Firewall Plus is minimized to the System Tray, double-click its icon to launch the Main Status & Summary screen. Right-click to display the pop-up menu from where you can open, enable/disable Firewall Plus.

Main Status and Summary screen

Select an action

This section provides immediate access to the main functions of PC Tools Firewall Plus. Clicking these buttons does the following actions:

Activates or deactivates Firewall Plus' firewall protection features.

Displays the Application Settings screen from where you can configure which applications on your computer are allowed access to the network or the Internet, define the levels of access for each application, and the action that Firewall Plus should take for each access level.

Actions include Allow, Block and Prompt. In Expert User mode, you may define custom rules for applications. The logging settings associated with each application can be modified from this screen.

Displays the Profiles screen from where you can view and manage the Advanced Rules for the different profiles configured. Examples of profiles include "Home", "Work" and "Public".

System Status

This section of the Main Status & Summary screen displays information on the following:


Clicking these buttons on the left navigation panel does the following actions:

Displays the Main Status & Summary screen.

Displays the Application Settings screen where you can view and manage applications.

Displays the Profiles screen where you can view and manage the rules configured for the different profiles.

Displays the History screen which lists all events which have been set to be logged on the Applications Settings and Advanced Rules screens.

Displays traffic information, all active Applications, and details of their connections.

Provides access to all Firewall Plus settings, which include:

       General settings: to configure the overall behavior of Firewall Plus and its language options.

       Network Settings: to configure network definitions and attach profiles to those networks.

       Filtering settings: to configure Firewall Plus' filtering options.

       Password Settings: to set/change the password used to protect your current settings.

       Full Screen mode settings: to configure Firewall Plus' behavior when in full-screen mode, for example, during games.

       Preferences: to set user preferences such as the user mode (Expert/Normal), automatic Smart Update and language.

Takes you to PC Tools' website for upgrading.

Smart Update

The Smart Update function can be initiated at any time by clicking the Smart Update link at the top right of the product. Please be aware that the main Firewall Plus application may close temporarily while updates are downloading and being implemented. If so, Firewall Plus restarts immediately once this process is complete.

Help menu

The Help menu provides access to this Quick Start Guide, as well as relevant Firewall Plus pages on the PC Tools web site and the product About screen.

Detailed online help

Links to this documentation.

Licence Agreement

Click here to view the Firewall End User Licence Agreement ("EULA").

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