Profiles - An Overview
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A profile consists of a set of security rules which can be assigned to networks based on the risk levels they pose. Since the networks you connect to from home, your office and a public space such as an airport are likely to vary and as such will require appropriate security levels, profiles offer a means by which you can configure definitions for these networks easily and automatically.

There are three pre-configured profiles within Firewall Plus:

For each profile, Firewall Plus has assigned a set of rules which determine how your computer will connect to the Internet/Network. For instance, the rules assigned to the Home profile are less strict than the rules assigned to the Public profile as there are likely to be more security threats from a Public network than from your Home network. These rules are designed to protect your system from unauthorized access while maintaining an optimal user experience.

You may also configure one or more Custom Profiles if you are an expert user and wish to have greater control over network access to and from your computer.

When Firewall Plus detects a new network, it will display a pop-up alert allowing you to set the profile for that network by selecting one from a list. Assigning a profile to a network will automatically apply the rules configured for that profile to that network.

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