Managing Profiles (Expert User)
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To view and manage profiles, click Profiles in the left navigation panel.

Select a profile to view the rules configured for that profile.

Beside each rule, the Action configured for it is listed along with the status of Log activity.

Double-clicking on a rule will open the edit screen for the rule where you may make changes to the rule.

Trusted IPs List

This tab lists all trusted end-points for the selected profile. For these end-points, every incoming packet will be allowed (please note that packets will only be allowed if an application is listening on that port).

IP Address - Example,

IP Range - Example, Start Address:; End Address/Mask:

IP Mask - Example, Start Address:; End Address/Mask:

IPv6 Address - Example, Start Address: 3ffe:fff:101::6eff:fe04:d9ff

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