Managing Profiles (Normal User)
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There are three pre-configured profiles within Firewall Plus. Firewall Plus also offers you the option of creating custom profiles.

To view and manage profiles, click Profiles in the left navigation panel.

Select a profile to view the rules configured for that profile.

Advanced rules Tab

Advanced rules are precise filtering rules for allowing or blocking specific network communications.

Rules are configured separately for the different profiles.

Beside each rule, the Action configured for it is listed along with the status of Log activity.

Double-clicking on a rule will open the edit screen for the rule where you may make changes to the rule.

Trusted IPs List

This tab lists all trusted end-points for the selected profile. For these end-points, every incoming packet will be allowed (please note that packets will only be allowed if an application is listening on that port).

Port Override

The port override option allows you to open a port for external access. All ports in this list will be open for incoming packets.

You may want to use this option when you wish to open a TCP/UDP  protocol but you don't know which application is listening.

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