Applications Filtering - An Overview
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Applications filtering in Firewall Plus allows you to control which applications installed on your computer have access to the Internet or a network, and define the permissions for each application.

By default, Firewall Plus will allow a list of "known applications" as defined by PC Tools to connect to the Internet/Network. If an "unknown application" attempts to access the Internet, or a network, Firewall Plus will display a pop-up notification that will let you choose whether you want to allow or block the application from connecting.

Enhanced Security Verification

Firewall Plus provides enhanced prevention of malicious applications which seek to bypass the firewall (through the control of legitimate applications).

There are several methods by which malicious applications can  control  legitimate applications and bypass the firewall:

When Firewall Plus detects an activity (the mechanisms mentioned above) that could be used by a malicious application, it will do the following:

If you check the option to remember the setting, Firewall Plus will automatically remember the setting for that application the next time it tries to connect to the Internet/network.


Full access : grants full connectivity

Block Access : denies access

You can further distinguish permissions for listening and connecting events:

Information about adding/deleting applications and assigning permissions is explained in detail here.

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