Managing Applications (Expert User)
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The Applications screen lists all applications configured to access the Internet/Network and the permissions defined for each.

To access this screen, click Applications on the left navigation panel.

For each application, the permissions for Incoming, Outgoing connections and Logging are presented as icons. These permissions may be changed by clicking on the icon and selecting a new action from the menu presented.

For In, Out and Log settings, you may select from one of these actions:

Allows all connections. Selecting this option for Incoming connections will override the Trusted IP List.

Blocks all incoming traffic

Allows incoming traffic only if it is originating from the Trusted IP List

Allows you to create a custom rule for the application

Permissions for Whitelisted applications

The following is the default configuration for Whitelisted applications defined within Firewall Plus:


Default configuration




Permissions for unknown applications

The following is the default configuration for Incoming and Outgoing traffic as well as activity logging for unknown applications:


Application tries to listen for incoming connections only

Application tries to connect to the Internet

Application tried to connect as well as  listen




Ruled Based Permissions

To create custom rules for an application, select it from the list and double-click.

Set as Local Proxy: Selecting this option will mark the application as a local proxy. Any application which tries to connect to it will be treated as though it is attempting to connect to the Internet.

Advanced Settings: Click to configure Advanced Settings for the application. This is explained in detail in the Advanced Settings page.

To set the permission to Rule Based, toggle the permission icon and select Rule Based from the menu.

Adding and Removing applications


  1. Adding: Click the Add icon at the bottom of the page. Browse and select the application you wish to add and click Open. This will add the application to the list.

  1. Removing: Select the application and click Remove.

3.  Hide Uninstalled Application Rules: Selecting this option will hide any uninstalled applications.

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