Adding Rules
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Adding a Rule

Click on the Profiles button in the left navigation menu. Select the profile for which you wish by selecting it from the drop-down list presented. Click the Add icon at the bottom of the page.

Step One: Select a condition

A list of conditions is displayed here. Select one or more conditions that you want to check. Depending on which condition you select, more detailed conditions may be presented here so you have the option to be as general or specific as you like.

For example, selecting Ethernet type IP will list additional conditions for protocol, remote IP and local IP. NOTE: Not every Ethernet type will allow you to choose a protocol (mostly IP and IPv6).

Step Two: Define the condition

Here you are able to specify values for the conditions you selected in step one. Click on the 'Undefined'  link to view pertaining options for each condition. For example, if you selected the condition 'where the Ethernet type is' in step one, in this step, you can define the Ethernet type by clicking on the link here and selecting one from a list or even define a custom type.

Step three : Select Action

Here you select the action you want to perform on the packet.

In the rules that are supplied by PC Tools Firewall Plus installation, the logs are marked only in the blocking rules.

Step four: Name the rule

       Specify a name and a description which will help you identify the rule.

Step four: Setup rule options

Here you can activate the rule and also review it, and make modifications if necessary. Click on the links to modify the characteristic of the rule.


Let us create a rule that allows the computer to send DNS requests on IP (v4).

Deleting a rule

From the Advanced Rules page, select the rule and click the Delete icon at the bottom of the page.

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