Browser Explorer – Easily Set Browser Defaults

PC Tools Browser Explorer is an advanced standalone tool that provides a central location where you can manage and customize all of your Internet browsers with ease. Currently, with Browser Explorer, you can conveniently set your browser defaults and adjust your browsers’ settings for Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer.

Among other things, Browser Explorer displays important information related to the Internet browsers installed on your PC. It serves as a privileged vantage point considering that some of the information that you can see using Browser Explorer is not easily visible by other means.


We all seem to relish the ability to customize our life experiences, whether it be the clothes we wear or the ringtones on our phone. Browser Explorer caters to our customizing needs by allowing us to personalize our browsing experience. Items that can be tailored include the following:

  • Helper objects
  • Toolbars
  • Extensions
  • Explorer bars
  • Shell extensions
  • URL search hooks
  • Mozilla Firefox plugins
  • Opera plugins

While these items are configurable from individual browsers, having to dig through each browser application in order to find and change its default browser settings can be a convoluted task to say the least. Browser Explorer makes things infinitely easier by providing one central, convenient interface.

Currently, Browser Explorer supports Microsoft® Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers.

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