Download PC Tools' Alternate Operating System Scanner

Alternate Operating System Scan is a Live CD for scanning a Windows® system without having to be running Windows®.

With the advancement of malware technology in recent years, and the ability of malware to hide within a running Windows® system, it was determined that a solution would be required such that a Windows® system could be scanned (and cleaned) without the need for the Windows® operating system to be running.

The Alternate Operating System Scan is an attempt to be the solution to the above problem. It is a live CD that will detect, scan, and clean malware files an infected Windows® system.

The Alternate Operating System Scan is designed to be a last resort, used to get Windows® back into a state in which Spyware Doctor for Windows® can do its job.

Please note that AOSS is not a supported product. The PC Tools forum for AOSS includes many tips and we encourage you to use this forum to report on successes, problems or issues encountered with AOSS.

Download Alternate Operating System Scanner

Current Version:2.0.5
Database Version:5.00010 - 1578376
File Size:80,972 KB
Supported File Systems:FAT 16/32, NTFS
Release Date:December 9, 2010

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Creating and using the Live AOSS CD

Creating the Live AOSS CD

  1. Download the AOSS.iso file.
  2. Burn the AOSS.iso file to a blank CD using CD burning software that is capable of burning ISO image files to blank CDs.

    Note: If required, ensure that you use the CD burning software's 'image burning' function. This is required to create a functional and bootable Live AOSS CD. Burning the AOSS.iso file itself directly to a blank CD will fail to produce a functional and bootable CD.

Using the Live AOSS CD

  1. Insert the Live AOSS CD into your computer's CD drive and reboot your computer.

    Note: Ensure that your computer's BIOS is configured to boot from your CD drive first, or before other drives such as the hard disk containing your Windows® operating system or other devices with bootable content. Consult your PC manufacturer's instructions if required.

  2. After the CD boots, the AOSS EULA displays. To continue using the Live AOSS CD, you must accept the EULA.

    Click the Accept button to accept the EULA and continue. If you do not agree with the EULA, click Cancel to exit the Live AOSS CD session.

  3. Database Update – From time to time, database update will be made available on the website; instructions pertaining to the use of the updates will be included with the update.
  4. Select Partitions – select the drives you wish to scan from the list of available drives or partitions.

    Note: AOSS follows standard Windows® drive mapping conventions only. If you have changed your drive mapping in Windows®, these changes will NOT be reflected here.

    Click the Next button to continue or click Close to exit the Live AOSS CD session.

  5. Scanning Partitions – AOSS commences scanning the selected partitions. AOSS will scan regular files found on the disk, hidden system files, and alternate data streams.

    Note: Wait for the scan to complete. This process may require many minutes to complete.

    Click the Cancel Scan button to cancel the AOSS scanning process.

  6. If AOSS detects any infected files, a list of these is displayed. You can select which files to disable from this list. AOSS does not remove the files but disables them. Spyware Doctor for Windows® can then be used to clean up the disabled malware files.

Source Code

Download the source code to the Open Source components used in the AOSS CD here [63,007 KB].