Quarantined Items List

When infected or suspicious files are detected during a File Scan or by OnGuard real-time detection, they are automatically moved into the Quarantined Items List, when the Action to be performed on a detected item options on both the Settings -> Scan Settings / OnGuard Settings screens have been set to Quarantine.

Once viruses and other related malware threats have been quarantined, they are moved to the Quarantined Items List and can no longer affect your system. It is recommended that you eventually delete quarantined files through this list. However, the Quarantined Items List provides a means of restoring items back onto your system. This is useful if you so wish to retrieve an infected file with potentially valuable and retrievable content, or a file that was quarantined erroneously.

To view items in the Quarantined Items List, click the Restore Infections from Quarantine link on the Main Status screen. The Quarantined Items List displays, listing all available quarantine files, with the following criteria. The list can be sorted alphabetically by each criterion, by clicking the appropriate field name at the top of the list:

Clicking multiple times on a field name toggles between forward and reverse sorting of the Quarantined Items List by that criterion.

The following actions can be performed on the Quarantined Items List:

Note: due to the complex and evolving nature of some viruses and other malware, it may not be possible to restore all files that have been quarantined.

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